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Some subway art is questionable, but Bill Brand’s Masstransiscope is one of my favorites- creative, fun and unexpected. Newly restored in 2008, the piece can be seen from the B […]

Creative Time takes to the skies for Duke Riley’s Fly By Night

I’ve got my tix for this Friday’s LED Pigeon extravaganza by Creative Time. Duke Riley’s Fly By Night is an art meets nature project for Creative Time’s latest public art endeavor, that resurrects the New […]

Right to Remain Silent: Protest in the age of Tania Bruguera and thawing US-Cuba relations

There’s no denying it; Americans have a Cuban fetish. Whether festooning vacation homes with Cuban cigars or discussing their recent “exclusive” tour to the Caribbean nation, privileged Americans have embraced […]

Get in Bed With Creative Time

Creative Time is doing a crazy weekend take over of Neue House, which involves an adult sleepover and a zillion arty surprises. Our own Audra will be repping Art Nerd and […]

VIDEO: Kara Walker at Domino Sugar Factory

What a great video by the Wall Street Journal of Kara Walker’s “Sugar Sphinx” up at the Domino Sugar Factory. If you’re not in the New York area, live vicariously […]

Kara Walker and the Giant Sugar Vagina

Everyone is talking about it- Kara Walker’s sugar Sphinx is here, and she is fantastically anatomically correct. Creative Time has taken over the ginormous Domino Sugar Factory once again, for […]

Kara Walker at Domino Sugar Factory

Kara Walker

Though Kara Walker’s new exhibit, A Subtlety, doesn’t open until May, we had to tell you about it. Presented by Creative Time, A Subtlety is Walker’s first large-scale public art […]

Power Toilets

If you ever wanted to shit like a king, or at least a top level investment broker, now is your chance! You’d imagine the toilet in the greasy spoon Olympic […]

Reports from the Field- Creative Time

Next Tuesday, December 3, travel to Haiti, the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Afghanistan at Joe’s Pub! Creative Time presents its 2013 Global Residency artists, Theaster Gates, Naeem Mohaiemen, and Lisi Raskin […]

Creative Time’s Fall Ball

Creative Time’s gala at the Domino Sugar Factory was easily the best event of the year. The Fall Ball looks just as fun- with music by Le Tigre’s JD Samson. […]

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