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Be Cool and Support Cotton Candy Machine

I’m in the thick of Williamsburg and feeling the insane changes happening all around me. I can’t imagine being a small business here right now. Our friends at the Cotton […]

PHOTOS: Inside Elizabeth Winnel’s Northern and Southern Studios

Painter Elizabeth Winnel splits up her painting between studios in Savannah and the 1000 Islands- and sometimes New York. Prepping for an upcoming show at Brooklyn’s Cotten Candy Machine, Liz […]

Cotton Candy Machine and Stranger Factory

Fun times abound at the Cotton Candy Machine tonight! The Cotton Candy Machine and Stranger Factory are teaming up to create a collaborative crossover exhibition, one big awesome event taking […]

Cotton Candy Machine

Congrats to Tara and Sean on the birth of their adorable baby, Ronan! Fans of the incredible illustrator, artist, teacher and rock-n-roll mama Tara McPherson will be in eye-candy heaven […]

Tara McPherson Prints- Rebuilding After the Fire

I used to live with the awesome artist Tara McPherson in Williamsburg- sadly our old apartment (which she was still living in with her boyfriend and adorable son) recently burned! […]

Art Nerd New York Launch Party!!!

Please join us and come celebrate at the Art Nerd New York Launch party! Hosted in the main floor at the Tribeca Grand, our friends Jetlag DJs Ole Koretsky and […]

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