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Before White Columns- 112 Workshop

In 1970, artist Jeffrey Lew opened 112 Workshop here, a first come first serve studio and artist run space. Artists were given total control to curate their own shows and […]

Apartment and Studio of Chuck Close

Chuck Close can be seen around town at art events in his fancy electric wheel chair, which holds him at almost eye level. Achieving fame with his large scale photorealistic […]

T.G.I.November in DC

November is here, finally. For Washington and Washingtonians I think we are all happy to see October behind us, for the most part. Museums closed, parks barricaded off, strangers came […]

Chuck Close on Second Avenue

We’d love to know the progress on this! The long-under-construction Second Avenue Subway will be getting its own permanent Chuck Close. Thanks to the MTA’s Arts for Transit, a $1 […]

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