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Commanda Commands The Bell House

Shepard Fairey’s collagey murals are in venues all over New York, but I was pleasantly surprised to find his Commanda piece at the far reaches of the Bell House. Despite […]


My favorite team of fucking crazy artsy people, CHERYL (will ruin your life) are back stateside to welcome us uncreative into their art-fantasy world. (While dancing and partying). Saturday’s all […]

VIDEO: Lori in Conversation with CHERYL

Here’s me lookin a little too Joan Crawford-y, but interviewing CHERYL for the conclusion of their residency I curated at the Roger Smith Hotel. But a great video nonetheless by […]

CHERYL Needs Yo’ Help

YO JERKS! Our favorite performing partiers CHERYL need your help. Some jerkface stole their video camera as their Halloween extravaganza. What the fuck dudes? give it back. and see below: […]


HOLY crap- CHERYL are five years old. That’s nuts! To celebrate, their next fiesta is ON A BOAT LIKE LEO!!! And the theme is Old, Wet and Scary. God I […]


CHERYL’s epic HAIR party was amazing- literally every person there was sportin’ some sort of amazing ‘do. I may have to wear my hair crown again. THANKS so much to […]

CHERYL Hair Party at the Bell House!

YES! After two weeks of CHERYL antics at the Roger Smith Hotel, the party is here- and you’re invited! Make sure to sport your most awesome HAIR inspired creation- no […]

Dear Diary: 1/2 of CHERYL

For today’s Dear Diary, two halves of dynamic foursome CHERYL went out to an artist’s residency at Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, where they created a sort of art-grade ayawaska experience, […]

CHERYL at Roger Smith Hotel- Curated by Lori Zimmer (ME!)

I told you to look out for my next curatorial project in June- and its here! I’m absolutely THRILLED to be working with my favorite weirdos CHERYL and The Roger […]

CHERYL is the World

LOVING this “We are the World” moment at CHERYL‘s last party, “Weekend at Basquiat’s”!

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