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VIDEO: Updating Philosophies with CERN

Director Jared Levy sent me this short doc he made with artist Cern about his process yesterday. Its beautifully done, and gives insight into the Brooklyn based artist’s M.O.   […]

Succulent Studios Grand Opening in Greenpoint!

More and more is happening in Greenpoint lately (including raised rents!)- and the opening of a new massive space! The new Succulent Studios (a 3,000 ft space) kicks off Saturday […]

The Future is Now Opens Tonight

The biggest exhibition of summer is opening tonight, from 4pm-11pm, curated by the incredible Garrison and Allison Buxton of Ad Hoc Art, Melissa McCaig Welles and No Agenda, pretty much […]

Help the Welling Court Mural!

Garrison and Allison Buxton of the former Ad Hoc Gallery are in it for all the right reasons. They’re hoping to extend their love of street art once again and […]

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