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35 Years of Stencils at Dorian Grey

Tomorrow night, a 35 year survey of stencils opens at Dorian Grey Gallery, June 25th from 6-9pm. Artists:¬†AV1, Alice Mizrahi, AIKO, Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Billy Mode, Clockwork Cros, CRASH1, […]

Huffington Post: Is Banksy Over?

Artsy‘s Matthew Israel guest stars on Art Nerd: This post (like the previous posts in this series) was originally supposed to go into depth about one work by one artist: […]

Banksy’s Grumpy Door at ArtNowNY

If you didn’t get a chance to glimpse the Banksy Grumpy Truck door everyone was talking about at Scope New York, never fear! You still have a chance. The poetic […]

No, We’re Not Going to Cover Banksy

Yes, I know Banksy is in town. Yes I know there’s a new piece every day. And some of the call in numbers don’t work! And some people are tagging […]

Don’t You Dare Say Bansky- Banksy is in New York

Unless you’re living in a hole (or moving in the middle of the night like I just did), then you know Banksy has come to town, and is slowly transforming […]

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