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Art Star Craft Bazaar Call for Artists/Crafters

Do you make awesome stuff?  We are now accepting applications for our 11th Annual Art Star Craft Bazaar here in Philadelphia and our newly added Art Star Craft Bazaar in […]

Ben Eine in the Air with Virgin

Revisiting this crazy awesome project from 2013 in time for Ben Eine’s opening tomorrow!! As we all know Sir Richard Branson is a genius and we love his new Gallery […]

Designer Creates Furniture that resembles Scribbles

Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa just released his series of furniture called “Rough Sketch Products” as his senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts. 

Made from bent wire and […]

#GETIT I Want To Be Here Series by The Maple Ridge

I thought this new series by Andrew Zangerle of The Maple Ridge would be appropriate on this #@$% FREEZING day.  His sparkly painted mountainscapes and floral covered meadows have got […]

IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY: Help an Artist, Become a Collector!

With everyone crowdfunding these days, it’s hard to choose which projects to support and which to pass up. I get it, sometimes you’re saying to yourself “Hey! Are you going […]

Robert Pruitt’s Women at Studio Museum in Harlem

I finally got my butt over to Studio Museum in Harlem for the Robert Pruitt exhibit: Women. Jaw dropping would be an accurate description of my countenance as I entered […]

Mark Wagner’s Currency Collages

Mark Wagner ’s intricate Currency Collages are the complex work of someone with the patience of Job. His renderings require thousands of dollar bills cut into 54,234 pieces. The collages sometimes feature portraits […]

A Walk Through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

There’s nothing quite like Isaiah Zagar’s (award-winning mosaic mural artist) mosaic playground… this past week the Magic Gardens hosted a benefit for Garden Sips – a great night out to support PMA’s annual […]

Origami Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice

It’s been awhile since I’d seen any new installs cropping up from French paper artist Mademoiselle Maurice. But she’s at it again, this time she papered Angers, France with her […]

Timorous Beasties

With my ever changing moods comes the need to furnish accordingly – quite often that means weekends of Flea Market hunts looking for something different; something unique. I heard about […]

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