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New York’s rave days may be long over, but don’t tell that to Kenny Scharf’s basement. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a party at the iconic artist’s East Williamsburg basement, make sure to stick to the Day-Glo dress code. Called the Cosmic Cavern, the space is Scharf’s neon fantasy come to life, and quite possibly his largest existing art installtion. Hanging from the ceilings, walls and floors are neon colored dolls, toys, kitchen utensils, plastic garbage, and furniture, intermixed with neon murals by Kenny Scharf. The room glows brightly with more black lights than my friend’s 30 year old brother’s room in his parents basement could ever dream of. When guests enter, their faces are painted with Day Glo paint by Kenny himself, letting everyone become one with the Cosmic Cavern. With disco pumping and people dancing, it feels as close to what I imagine New York in the early 80s was. Who: Kenny Scharf What: Cosmic Cavern Where: Undisclosed, East Williamsburg

We’re so sad this place is packed up and gone.  If you were lucky enough to be invited to a party at the iconic artist’s East Williamsburg basement, make sure […]

X-O’s Lost Objects Come to Philly

X-O is on a art tour and it just rolled through Philadelphia. This piece was one of my favorite installs – it’s one of X-O’s Lost Objects pieces. His artwork is […]

Kid Zoom/Ian Strange Installation Lands Down Under

The 2014 Biennial of Australian Art ended this past Sunday and some spectacular images of art installations have been creeping online. New York based visual artist, Ian Strange’ was commissioned […]

Urban Geodes Pop Up In Philadelphia

I have long been an admirer of LA based artist Paige Smith’s (aka A Common Name) Urban Geodes Project for a while. Smith creates these shimmering resin sculptures that resemble […]

New York Artist, Marlo Pascual Unveiled in London’s West End

I’m really restraining myself from making a Tom Jones reference here – look at that – I guess I already did. I’ll spare you my corny Brit song references, but […]


I’m allowing myself to gush over this brilliant LED Light Installation by Bill FitzGibbons. I visit Birmingham quite often, so I know what the 18th street underpass looked like before (dark and […]


Folks enjoying Zhang Zhaohui’s interactive public art installation ‘You & Me’ set up in the famous 798 Art District in Beijing China. The body shaped metal frames are adult sized with small […]

ORLY GENGER – Red, Yellow and Blue

Madison Square Park Conservatory Square Art is installing Orly Genger’s trademark hand knotted nautical rope in Madison Square Park in waves of Red, Yellow and Blue – ”1.4 million feet of rope—the total length […]

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