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T.G.I.November in DC

November is here, finally. For Washington and Washingtonians I think we are all happy to see October behind us, for the most part. Museums closed, parks barricaded off, strangers came from South Carolina and mowed the Lincoln Memorial, and the overall urban environment crawled with disgruntled tourists and furloughed friends. However, what was available was down-right awesome. First up is (e)merge art fair. Your two resident Art Nerd DC gals, Leslie and Elena, attended the opening night and weekend festivities surrounding (e)merge.

We both seem to be more democratic than our congressional counterparts, both having different opinions, but agreeing on the show as being a great success. Elena’s top picks included artists F. Lennox Campello, Joyce J. Scott, Joey Alzamora, Corey Orberndorfer, Claire Shegog, and Tristan Hamel. I gravitated more to artists Eduardo Terranova (who is now the background of my phone, thank you) and Karla Caprali. Galleries I picked up on, and get my hands down best showing, were Aureus of Switzerland and Galerie Bruno Massa of Paris. Another point we both agree on, (e)merge should be a week instead of a weekend. Art coma.

Busby's Flats (Orange_Grey)

One of Elena’s top picks at (e)merge, Claire Shegog’s “Busby’s Flats (Orange/Grey)” diptych with hand painted figurines on painted wood, plexi framed, 2013.

Eduardo Terranova's "Gold Construction 07, 2013." Gold Plating on canvas and burlap, Courtesy Eduardo Terranova

Eduardo Terranova’s “Gold Construction 07, 2013.” Gold Plating on canvas and burlap, Courtesy Eduardo Terranova

Other exhibits we visited included Heiner Contemporary for the  Rachel Farbiarz exhibit, “Take Me with You,” (going until November 7th) Hemphill Gallery’s 20th-Anniversary (through November 27th), and the assorted one-night-stand solo exhibits at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton, one featuring Vian Shamounki Borchert. This is a nice idea by Art Soiree, who puts on the event on a semi-regular basis.

The Corcoran Gallery recently opened “American Journeys: Visions of Place,” which finally (finally!) shows off the gallery’s spectacular collection of pre-1945 American art. It was, and is, a visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing assemblage of painting and sculpture. They somehow got David McCullough to intro the exhibit’s video on vimeo, and it’s a heart-swelling five minutes of pure America (American Journeys: Visions of Place).  The National Gallery of Art has quite a bit on exhibit, including “Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris,” and “Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Press.” Marville is black and white Paris, film noir, tres romantique at its best. Yes, No, Maybe is a fantastic walk through of prints by Chuck Close, Sol LeWitt, Richard Diebenkorn, Kiki Smith, John Cage, and others. The big bash, of course, was the Phillips Collection’s opening of “Van Gogh: Repetitions”. Elena and I can say without a doubt that you don’t really have a choice, you have to make it to this exhibit. The works demonstrating Van Gogh’s influence, the accompanying text, overall design, and exceptional gathering of Van Gogh paintings from across the world are together in a way that probably will not ever be achieved again, if not for a very long time.  Do yourself a favor, and go. Now.

October brought a bit of attention to the District, unfortunately it was all towards the political circus ring. However, the art is still here and it is still fantastic. DC museums, galleries, and artists are still progressing and producing despite what the rest of the country and world may have seen on the news.

The Phillips Collection's "Van Gogh: Repetitions." On view until January 26, 2014

The Phillips Collection’s “Van Gogh: Repetitions.” On view until January 26, 2014

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  1. Thank you so much Art Nerd New York for coming to my exhibit Oct. 25 at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. I love your article – Great writing!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! @emergeartfair

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! @emergeartfair

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