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Spring/Break Takes on Art World Transactions for Armory Arts Week

Spring/Break Art Show 2015 launches tonight, an alternative venue for art appreciators who ask a little more of their art fare than just perusing your run of the mill gallery/art bazaars. New York’s curator-driven art show, Spring/Break collects curators who then involve contemporary artists in what is promising to be one of the more interesting auxiliary hubs for this year’s Armory Week offerings.

Anaglyph's (2014) by Spring/Break participants Erica Love & Joao Enxuto

Anaglyph’s (2014) by Spring/Break participants Erica Love &  Joao Enxuto

Comprised of a total of 150 artists who are arranged according to smaller curatorial “hubs” around the space at the Moynihan Station Sklight space, all pertaining to the theme TRANSACTION. With art from Erica Love & João Enxuto, LoVid, Man Bartlett, Katya Grokhovsky, Taezoo Park, Christian Maychack, Anne Vieux, Samuel Jablon, and many more, stop by Moynihan Station’s Spring/Break rooms for a peek at the innovative artworks chosen to showcase the meaning of TRANSACTION in 2015.

Spring/Break invades Moynihan Station's Sklight, March 3-8

Spring/Break invades Moynihan Station’s Sklight, March 3-8

Spring/Break will take place at the Moynihan Station Skylight from March 3-8, 2015 during Armory Week in New York City. All photos courtesy of the artists and Spring/Break. For more info, check out the Spring/Break website. 

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