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Sneak Peak- Jon Tod at Yves la Roche this Saturday

Our friend Jon Todd gave us a heads up sneak preview of his show opening at Yves la Roche Gallery in Montreal this weekend. A little bit creepy, a little original Clash of the Titans, his paintings appeal to your dark side (he even has a custom peep show machine in the exhibition- dark n dirty!)

Enjoy the preview! Thanks Jon!

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Coming Soon: “BUTCHER’S HOOK” with Jon Todd and Jesse Hazelip:

With a title stemming from old Cockney slang, Butcher’s Hook invites viewers to take a look at two of contemporary art’s most passionate outsiders. Embracing the uncommon becomes common ground between the works of Jon Todd and Jesse Hazelip. While Todd’s colourful, abstract portraits visually contrast Hazelip’s monochrome drawings, both artists attribute an unmistakable sense of power to figures in the periphery. By exploring the fringes of society, prison culture, and the underground, Jon Todd and Jesse Hazelip fill the walls of Yves Laroche with a dark, honest, and remarkably appealing version of reality.

Vernissage Saturday, June 8th from 2-5 PM.

A graduate of Sheridan College in Toronto, Jon Todd has developed a unique style based on a process of layering his multiple influences including tattoo graphics, street art, Asian, Northern European, and Mexican cultures. By integrating his vast sources of inspiration, Todd works with different themes, processes and styles in each piece. Both a fine artist and an illustrator, his work represents timeless depictions of social issues and pop culture iconography. His aesthetic explores themes of war, corruption, and internal struggle and uses as many mediums as possible such as objects, wallpaper, screen prints, Sharpies, and belt sanders. His multimedia paintings resemble kaleidoscopic mosaics charged with iconography. These highly personal reflections, despite their vivacity, mainly deal with issues about misguided stigmas, psychosis, and miscommunication. Quickly gaining international recognition, he has exhibited widely in North America and has won several awards for his work, namely from Applied Arts magazine.

To find out more about Jon Todd visit his website or his YL page.

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