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Savoring silver gelatin with Hunter Barnes

In an age when practically everyone with an iPhone thinks themselves a photographer (lowering the standard of images across the board), I absolutely savor traditionalists working outside of the digital realm, and upholding the gorgeous tradition of silver gelatin. Tomorrow night, I’m getting a sneak peak of a collection of favorite images by documentary photographer Hunter Barnes, presented at the beautiful recently-opened New York EDITION Hotel, whose Clock Tower restaurant almost doubles as a photography gallery. (Jason Atherton’s new spot is decked with salon-style photographs of the glitz, glamor and grit of 70s and 80s New York).

Barnes’ photographs, mostly portraits, give a glimpse into underrepresented counter-cultures across the United States, caught in timeless imagery that aligns the photographer with the great picture makers of the past. The images presented will be excerpts from a Barnes’ forthcoming book, due out in October. Full report to follow.

hunter-barnes2 hunter-barnes1 hunter-barnes3

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  1. John Trent says:

    If I had access… Until then I’ll do my best to capture my vision with what I’ve got, certain that I’m not diminishing the art world.

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