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Frank Stella’s Sack

The giant Salto nel Mio Sacco by Stella literally translates to “Jump into my Sack”. It hangs in the giant  lobby of CitiCorp Center, which is enclosed in glass windows and looks especially epic at night. A giant painting and sculpture piece, it is visible from the outside- yet worth an attempt to sneak in the private lobby to get a closer look. It is often so busy, that no one will notice.

The building is also sustainably energy efficient, ranked LEED-EB Silver, which is pretty cool.

Frank Stella, now 74, still lives and works in New York.

Who: Frank Stella

What: Salto nel Mio Sacco

Where: Citi Corp Center, 599 Lexington Avenue

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  1. Art Nerd New York – Salto nel Mio Sacco by Frank Stella

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