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Sound Art is Here!

Tonight’s RSVPs for UNCOLLECTABLE: A Pop-Up Sound Art Experience at Hotel Particulier are pretty much at capacity, but there are still some spaces tomorrow. I’m excited to get weird- and especially for the blind fold portion of the evening!

Don’t be scared- jump out of the comfort of sterile openings where the art is at arm’s length, and treat your brain to something different, with something immersive and unfamiliar (and really fun). I mean, that’s what New York is for, right? Check below for a schedule of what to expect at the show (think awesome musicians, sound artists and beat boxing meshed with video and visuals). LEARN SOMETHING!

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When confronted with Sound Art, many art enthusiasts get nervous- daunted and apprehensive to partake -because basically many of us don’t know enough about it to sound smart. What differentiates sound from music? And how does something not tangible relate to collecting art? Never fear, Plus Aziz is here! On June 21 and 22, the Kuwaiti artist, musician and trend spotter has organized UNCOLLECTABLE- a two part performance at Hotel Particulier, followed by an exhibition by Bradley Pitts. Prepare to experience something different, in one of those rare art receptions where you actually learn something. The carefully chosen program will outline an “intersection of sound and music”- which will help to differentiate between the two, as the program weaves between sound art and written music. Performances by song writers, sound artists and beat boxers will end in audience participation in a music video, with each guest leaving with a special digital work on a USB.

The whole thing will feel more like the experimental and Bohemian New York of John Cage’s day, back when the Fluxus movement was in full force in the late 1960s and 70s, pushing much further than the boring old white cube.
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The program is built to reflect the thresholds of how sound and music can come together; it is not so much a critique of the music industry as much as it is an exploration of where sound and music meet, which consequently produces a ‘soft’ critique. In addition to adding sound components to all songs played, there are moments where music is nowhere to be found and the art of sound becomes the foreground.
The event strives to expand the compositional techniques of songwriting with sound elements inspired by two areas: 1) reinforcing ideas from the lyrics and 2) from the realms of the songwriting process: writing text, the imperative of having flawless breathing, relationship of voice to body,audience/public engagement and multimedia creation. The program is comprised of 4 movements.
+Aziz – vocals, acoustic, electric guitar
Joshua Liebowitz – sound artist
Matthew Halley – Banjo, backing vocals
Sammi – lead guitar, oud
Seif Al-Din – keys, beats/hand percussion, sounds/samples
Jie-Song – freestyling, violin (founder of Nationless World)
KRUSSIA – beatboxing

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