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Rick Prol + James Romberger

Rick Prol - Dorian Grey Gallery
James Romberger - Dorian Grey Gallery
If you prefer New York City with a little more grit and a lot less 7-Eleven, check out the Rick Prol and James Romberger show at Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village. Prol and Romberger, both champions in the ’80s East Village art scene, offer their own distinct take on the doomed downtown of the time – Prol with his German Expressionism depictions of crazed hobos in tenements draped with limbless bodies and Romberger with his pastel landscapes of a graffiti-drenched Lower East Side. Both different flavors but highly complimentary in this impressive show.

Rick Prol + James Romberger is on view October 16th through November 17th at Dorian Grey Gallery, 437 East 9th Street, NYC. For more info visit

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