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Robin Hercia’s Mystical Design


©Natalia Molina


Artist and designer Robin Hercia was on my radar long before we worked together in The Art of Cardboard. Her quirky screen printed wood sculptures soon found their way into my collection, as did her signature patterned prints. Now living in Los Angeles, Hercia has turned her focus onto a unique brand of graphic design, heading up AWMYL Design, a boutique design house that fuses her artistry with clients’ visions. Hercia’s design studio breathes her influence from her adopted city- elements of tarot, mysticism, crystals, and yoga are infused in her type and graphics, making her work decidedly her own. With her experience in fine art (she shows under the name Robin Redd) and after studying design for eight years Hercia is a multidisciplinary leader in design. Check out some of her work below.



Tarot_Poster04 Tarot_Poster03 Tarot_Poster01


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