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I love New York events. I live for New York events.  And now gala season is upon us and competition is fierce. How will each stand out? What will art orgs do to not make their benefit dinners just seem like a boring wedding with a silent auction? Last week’s Discovering Public Art Fund Benefit Gala totally threw it’s donors for a loop by having guests start out by going through airport security. Sadly, I knew the jig was up as I recognized security guard/artist Ryan McNamara and screener Jonathan Grassi. Guests assumed the arms-up position for the soft explosive-style screening- only to be surprised with the flash of a photo. Putting your bag through the scanner was when the screening guard secretly placed bottles of Absolut vodka into your bag. Fun and fun!


©Public Art Fund

©Public Art Fund


Olaf Breuning offered guests a chance to play a carnival game/make a piece of art, by throwing balls at cups of paint to make an abstraction  (while the “carnies” wore all over white suits that couldn’t make me stop thinking of the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where they transport a giant candy bar-then Mike TeeVee- by Wonkavision.)


Rob Pruitt was also on hand to make on-the spot- sculptures out of thrift store junk.

You’ve done it, Public Art Fund! Congrats on throwing a benefit I was sad to leave. Now, will the Creative Time Gala measure up? Can’t wait to find out…


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