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Poster at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery presents Poster, an exhibition of Toronto-based artists, Jesse Harris and Jeremy Jansen, curated by Niall McClelland. Poster will be on view at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery from January 10 – February 8. Opening reception, January 10 from 7-10pm.


Jesse Harris
Jeremy Jansen

January 10 – Feb 8
Opening January 10 from 7 – 10 pm

“After the revolution we’ll be beats again”
– Todd Gitlin

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery is pleased to present POSTER, an exhibition of works curated by the artist Niall McClelland. Toronto artists Jeremy Jansen and Jesse Harris display works linked by persistent repetition. Failure and excuse are used as entry points to artistic production. Abandoned attempts to communicate are exaggerated to create an open community of messages. Posters are polished to remove individual opinions. Barriers become platforms. Past momentum is reclaimed to form props for continued discussion and rejection.

Jesse Harris is a Toronto-based artist. He maintains a message-oriented art practice as a platform for direct communication of his politics and to discuss the limits of free expression in culture. Jesse operates a vinyl sign shop under the name Readers and Writers.

Jeremy Jansen (b. 1979, Calgary, AB) works primarily in sculpture and photography. His recent exhibitions include “More Than Two (Let It Make Itself),” curated by Micah Lexier (The Power Plant, Toronto), “Untitled” (Cooper Cole, Toronto), “History” (Tomorrow, Toronto) and “Like Minded” (Plug In ICA, Winnipeg). His debut European solo show “Dirty Negative” (La Miroiterie, Paris) featured an accompanying monograph by the same name published by Editions FP & CF. Jansen currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


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Brooklyn, NY 11222



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