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Portraiture in the age of the #Selfie: The New Portrait at Bishop Gallery

Sierra Siemer, Untitled, at the Bedford Gallery

Sierra Siemer, Untitled, at the Bedford Gallery

In the age of the selfie, what kind of weight does a portrait hold? How has portraiture changed with technology and how does it change the way that we interact with both images and ourselves? That’s the question both posed, pondered, and answered by the artists of The New Portrait, now being shown at the Bishop Gallery. The pieces exhibited span a wide range of mediums – traditional prints, digital prints, and multimedia – which speaks to the overall theme of technology altering and influencing the perception and existence of reality in portraiture today. Photographer Keith Millman’s seemingly ambiguous self-portrait shows the layers of Photoshop manipulations that correspond to his life’s timeline, along with a print of the actual Photoshop code, while Sierra Siemer’s portraits feature jagged but deliberate pixel glitches across her subjects’ faces. The real gem of the show, however, is the exhibit zine, which features essays, images, and musings from the artists about the role of the artist, the viewer, and the subject in portraiture today and embodies the spirit of the exhibit perfectly.

The New Portrait, Bishop Gallery, 916 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, Thurs. – Sat., 5-8 pm, through Sept. 9th.



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