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I just did a round up of good arty movies for Artfetch- check em all out here.

We can gaze upon an artist’s piece to get a glimpse into their souls — but no matter how hard we stare, we can never take a look into their (sometimes tortured, sometimes chaotic, but usually not boring) daily lives. That’s where the magic of the silver screen comes in. It isn’t often that Hollywood (or indie film makers) tackle the subject of the lives of artists, but thankfully when they do, they make us feel a little bit closer to the creators that have influenced and inspired us for years. Here’s our pick of some of our favourite artist and art world films. The ones that made us feel as if we were really there.


Downtown 81

Downtown 81 is part narrative, part documentary — bringing to life a glimpse of the real–life East Village art scene of the early 80s starring none other than Jean–Michel Basquiat himself in the lead role. His character wanders around the run–down city streets looking for a woman named Beatrice, while coming across various artists and musicians including Debbie Harry, Giorgio Goemlsky, Lee Quinones, Fab Five Freddy, Kid Creole, the Cars and other Downtown personalities. Written and produced by Glenn O’Brien, the film parallels Basquiat’s real life, who was homeless during the filming, and even sold the paintings he made in the film to Debbie Harry at the end of production — for just $200, because he was broke.

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