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PHOTOS: Begin Transmission- Tim Okamura and Chris Marshall

Oh my goodness, Begin Transmission with Tim Okamura and Chris Marshall last week was SO well attended- I can’t thank everyone enough. I hope you had a great time checking out the work, the break dancers, the violinist, sweating on the dance floor, getting your make up done by Beauty for Freedom, sipping drinks from the two bars, the photo booth, and meeting a very positive crowd. We are so happy for such a successful event!
Chris-Marshall-AlphaComa Chris-Marshall-Swatting a fly with a sledgehammer Chris-Marshall-Warp-and-Weft IMG_1330 Instalation Installation installationview Tim-Okamura-2 Tim-Okamura-Chris-Marshall-collaboration1 Tim-Okamura-Code-Breaker Tim-Okamura-Her-Story2.0 Tim-Okamura Tim

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