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Patrick Lichty at IFAC: Rise of the Machines

Second Life. Laser-cut toast. Space Invaders x Judgement Day (the movie, not the Bible version) on a wall tapestry. Patrick Lichty parades all of these subjects and more, culminating in his show with IFAC Arts opening Thursday night, Sensible Concepts: Mediation as a Way of Being.


Lichty's What Remains is a Complete Lack of Comprehension

Lichty’s What Remains is a Profound Lack of Comprehension

Lichty has worked in an array of capacities and with diverse mediums, but one thing he never does is fail to surprise. His delightfully warped sense of humor emerges throughout his artworks. He once riffed on an auction of a (supposedly) holy “icon” of the Virgin Mary allegedly appearing on a piece of toast by laser-cutting religious figures and legendary icons on pieces of toast which were then offered for sale in a New Orleans gallery. As a New Orleans girl myself, I definitely can imagine NOLA residents encountering everything from fire-breathing accordionists to groups of banjo-playing skateboarders, then bemusedly viewing art toast on the walls of a gallery. Just another day in the Crescent City (but I digress…)

Patrick Lichty, Figurative Series II

Patrick Lichty, Figurative Series II

Lichty’s show opening Thursday, Dec 11 at IFAC  Arts spans the possibilities of artificial creation, exploring many facets by which humans employ machines to realize their conceptions. Along with this realization can come unexpected side effects or playful interventions, a major theme running throughout Lichty’s ouevre. An artist, activist, writer, curator, animator, and performance artist,  Lichty doesn’t slow down. Yet his artworks, regardless of medium, retain a freshness of perspective and potent punchline that so much art misses. Perhaps the saving grace of Lichty’s pieces is their ability to not take themselves too seriously while remaining pertinent meditations on the realm of potentiality latent in today’s art world.

Ex-Nihilo Orange Alert, Patrick Lichty

Ex-Nihilo Orange Alert, Patrick Lichty

Stop by IFAC Arts opening for Patrick Lichty’s Sensible Concepts: Mediation as a Way of Being, Thursday from 7 pm at 85 Delancey Street. Get ready to encounter art from an entirely new perspective in a giddily original way.


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