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Pardon our Dust — It’s been a week!


Hi everyone! Over the past two weeks Art Nerd has expanded, contracted, migrated and moved over to  Last week we soft launched Art Nerd Chicago thanks to our new contributors: Tara Kosloski, Maria Krasinski, and Rachel Kaplan. This week we moved the beloved over to which has resulted in some major dust in the social media, search and page load space.  We expect our URL ‘change of address’ to take effect over the next few days with google and old social media links will redirect to and current social media publishing is transitioning.  This coming week we look forward to getting Art Nerd Los Angeles and San Francisco set-up so look forward to that left coasters.

That being said, we love you art nerds and want to bring you more artnerdy goodness from more places around the US and abroad.  We understand these growing pains are rough when you can’t google an article you read yesterday or your FB share doesn’t look quite right and we promise you we are working on making your future experience better and better!   Thanks for being awesome fans and if you have any major concerns/issues please send them to us via our contact page.


Lauren & Lori

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