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Palazzo Chupi

It was originally bright pink and named after a lollipop, that sounds about right. Julian Schnabel’s homage to himself, Palazzo Chupi, rises like a pink Barbie house in the West Village. The artist/designer/director’s grandiose studio and residence was also home to Richard Gere and other tenants who are richer than God.

360 West 11th Street

With prices just under $30 million, Schnabel built the ultimate decadence…because he could. He’s been quoted to say he built the Palazzo, “Because I wanted more space, and because I thought I could sell two or three apartments to pay for that space, and I built it because I could.” Said like a true visionary.

360 West 11th Street

The pink exterior has been naturalized, but its remnants continue inside, where Schnabel keeps his Picasso, his red velvet walls, his giant swimming pool and handmade tiles from Morocco. Some call it a Gesamkunstwerk, others call it a gaudy and expensive mid life crisis.

Who: Julian Schnabel

What: Palazzo Chupi

Where: 360 West 11th Street


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  1. Palazzo Chupi: Gesamkunstwerk or tacky? I mean, itts named after a lollipop…

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