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Origami Artist Raises a Life Sized Elephant from a Single Sheet of Paper


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You may have made origami before but have you ever made a life-sized elephant from a single sheet of paper?

I credit origami artist Sipho Mabona with raising my artistic awareness. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that there was an Origami Academic Society or professional origami artists for that matter – but there is and there are. Swiss born Sipho Mabona started playing around with paper at the age of 5 and now he’s breaking records, winning awards and gracing the cover of the Origami Academic Society of Japan’s official magazine.

Once again he’s blown our minds using the ‘artistic potential’ of one 15 meters by 15 meters (50 by 50 feet) uncut square sheet of paper. With the help of internet crowd funding site Indiegogo he raised over 26,000 dollars to help create a huge, life-sized elephant that stands over 3 meters high (10 feet tall) in the museum KKLB (Kunst und Kulturzentrum Beromünster) in Beromünster, Switzerland. The elephant took Mabona and a team of over a dozen people four weeks to complete. The evolution of paper to sculpture was streamed live to allow people to witness the process.

Photo credit: Philipp Schmidli




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