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Nyugen Smith at SCOPE Art Show


Anddddd I’m back from Miami. So much to share with you, but first the incredible special project by Nyugen Smith that I curated for SCOPE Art Show. I’m so proud of Nyugen, for the incredibly moving booth to the even more special performance that made me understand him as an artist even more deeply. It was hard to take a bad picture of the piece, that was performed last Saturday at 5pm. I’m so very honored to have worked with him on epic projects twice!

Once Upon a Time Down There was composed of sculpture, political propaganda and historic artifacts The site specific installation was a fictional museum documenting the colonization of Africa and the West Indies, comprised of sculptural works by Smith. As told through several bodies of work that span the artist’s career, these salvaged boats, healing elixirs, homemade maps and books, all contribute to the historical contextualization of an imaginary location, where real events have taken place.

DSC05915 DSC05921 DSC05926

The performance quietly began in the artist’s Special Project Space where “The Elite” conducted a reverse reflection on the metaphorical journey that landed his body, mind and spirit in the colonial prism. The Elite walked backwards out of the SCOPE Pavilion on to the beach removing each piece of colonial regalia. Smith continued the reversal into the ocean where the water reclaimed his body.

DSC05936 DSC05937 DSC05938





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