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Brooklyn-based artists Icy and Sot have done an incredible cross-cultural exchange between their native Tehran and New York. Their local show opens tonight!


June 13th-16th
TBA Brooklyn Gallery
58 South 6th Street , Brooklyn, NYC
Opening Party: Friday June 13th, 6- 11 PM
With DJ set from Rahill (Habibi)

Sat – Mon : 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Exhibiting Artists:

Press Release :
From June 13th-15th, two concurring street art shows will take place exhibiting the works of 35 NYC based artists in Tehran, Iran, and 10 Iranian artists in Brooklyn, NYC. This cultural exchange initiated by Iranian exile artists, Icy and Sot is a first of its kind as there have only been a handful of street art shows in Iran, even less exhibiting foreign artists.

The fact that there have been no diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the USA for close to 35 years now have restricted all the artists to obtain visas and attend the shows they are exhibiting in. Adding to its complexity, all music, film, literature, and art in Iran are subjected to very strict censorship. Additionally there are many other anti-Western cultural laws including the banning alcohol.

However, with these restrictions, the youth of Iran, who make up more than half of the country’s population, have began to fight back and seen a rise of artist underground scenes within the various mediums. Nevertheless, to this day there is little to no street art in Iran outside the propaganda murals commissioned by the Islamic regime itself.

Icy and Sot who left Iran two years ago have now taken shelter in the dynamic and exploding NYC street art scene. To help bridge the gap of their old and new homes, they are curating the NYC TO TEHRAN & TEHRAN TO NYC shows with their friends. Opening parties for both cities will take place simultaneously on June 13th, with the time difference in mind.

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