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Novocaine: Carly Ivan Garcia

Novocaine for the soul…while I’m on a plane to Berlin this Thursday, get yourself to ArtNowNY for a solo show by modern expressionist, Carly Ivan Garcia. (they also still serve booze at their openings ! Hello!)


ArtNowNY is pleased to present Novocaine, a solo exhibition by Carly Ivan Garcia. There will be an opening reception at ArtNowNY (548 W. 28th St, New York, NY 10001) from 6:00-9:00pm on July 17.

Carly Ivan Garcia’s neo-abstract expressionistic style along with his playful imagery has led him to be shown in numerous galleries regionally and globally.

“Carly’s contemporary, neo-modern abstract works incorporate an urban language that appeals to modern society. His colorful, expressive and bold style Carly’s works pioneers a new direction in abstract art, his works are illustrated by multilayers of shapes, bold strokes and sketches that pull the viewer into a vortex of dynamism and color.” – Terra Firma Gallery, 2012

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