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New York Artist, Marlo Pascual Unveiled in London’s West End

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I’m really restraining myself from making a Tom Jones reference here – look at that – I guess I already did. I’ll spare you my corny Brit song references, but there’s no escaping the 37ft tall pussycat staring folks down in the West End. The site of this new art installation opposite Victoria Tube Station will be the home to a new series of commissioned art projects installed on the new Nova Victoria development that will be soon be home to flats, restaurants, offices and shops.

This untitled piece is the work of New York Artist, Marlo Pascual; who often restages archived photographs to create a complex web of interpretive possibilities that question the nature of emotions those images solicit.  A work that syncs in with Nova’s hope to appeal to this creative community by continually restaging and reinterpreting the space with iconic and non-conformist art projects.

Justin Black, Development Director for Nova, Victoria, says: “At Nova we are creating a new destination for London. We believe public art is integral to creating a sense of place and at Nova we are proud to take a different approach. Our streets and spaces will form an external public gallery showcasing temporary commissions from emerging and established artists. Art which will inspire Londoners and visitors whilst they are having a meal, shopping or just going about their everyday business. Our feline friend is the first step in Nova’s cultural evolution”.

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