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New Berlin Painters X Exhibition 3

Berlin is a city full of art and the creative spirit (and a lot of Americans). Having spent a few months there last year, I’ve learned that that doesn’t necessarily mean good art, or even ambitious art. Berlin is so much cheaper than New York, that even the laziest artist could survive, and at least emulate the meager conditions they hustle to live in, with 10 roommates in the far reaches of Bushwick. That said, the New Berlin Painters are sort of the antithesis of this idea. Using the wonderful city of Berlin as a muse and catalyst to create rich oeuvres of work, celebrating art for art, and leaving the pretense that ex-pat New Yorkers have brought to the city at the door. What’s more, they further their rigorous excitement for art by accompanying their shows with a text, an oversized “New Berlin Papers” that reminds me of how Paper Magazine first looked in the late 1980s.


Their third show opens on Thursday, and you’ll go to see what its all about if you know what’s good for you.


Forum Factory, October 8-13th

Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct 10, 18 hr.

Forum Factory, Besselstrasse 13-14 10969

For Immediate Release

Hordes from the North (of Germany…and Ireland). That’s right. The New Berlin Painters are up to it again, and this time with the help of the Irish. Artists Paul Vogeler (*1982) and Moritz Hoffmann (*1984) aka, i.e. New Berlin Painters, have teamed up with Irish painter Eoin Llewellyn (*1973) to bring an exhibition filled with new and exciting painting to Berlin. This will be their third exhibition in a series of ongoing exhibitions.

This time, the trio has taken over Forum Factory, a 400sq meter, Mitte located, exhibition hall and will be showcasing new evocative paintings. The exhibition will run daily from October 8th through October 13th, 2013, and the Opening Reception will be held Thursday, October 10th, from 18 o’ Clock. For this Exhibition the painters have also teamed up with Jameson Irish whiskey, Schmincke Oil Paints, and have begun a new partnership with the Museum of New Art, Detroit.

The New Berlin Painters was formed by Paul Vogeler and Moritz Hoffmann in 2012 with the release of the New Berlin Painters Manifesto and New Berlin Painters Exhibition 1. The duo immediately reached international acclaim after being reviewed by art critic Jerry Saltz, Alexander Forbes for Blouin Art Info, Art Slant, Berlin Art Link, and variousother publications. They then followed up with their own publication, The New Berlin Papers, a newspaper discussing current criticisms and issues within the contemporary art world.

A New Berlin Paper will accompany every future exhibition. Past contributors have included Marina Abramovic, Canadian journalist and host of ArtStars* TV Nadja Sayej, art writers Katy Hamer and Jeni Fulton, art critic R.M. Vaughn, and most recently Jef Bourgeau, director of the Museum of New Art, Detroit.

At the exhibition you will find new explosive-expressive work from Moritz Hoffmann, meant to simultaneously attack and appease the senses. The work does not ask for any forgiveness. Paul Vogeler’s work is calmer, and the paintings seek an emotional response within the viewer—a quiet Birch meditation, a distant war memory, or a lone figure meant to act as a window and mirror for the viewer. Eoin Llewellyn will seduce you into his world of classical and expressively rendered figures and poised socio-political criticism; images where the face or meaning is obfuscated with a single aggressive brush stroke or paint application. However, all painters share a stalwart dedication to painting and their craft.

The New Berlin Painters seeks to re-authenticate painting and the painter, and to lash out against the dominance of the ongoing Conceptualist rhetoric within contemporary art circles. Like art critic R.M. Vaughn says about Te New Berlin Painters, “ejaculatory, not charming.” At this exhibition there will be no lengthy descriptions of how art-theory, politics, and socio-economic inequalities have been so delicately, cleverly, and sexily combined. You will see paintings, and good ones at that. Just look and enjoy, read into them what you want. Authentic paintings. Authentic painters. Authentic art.


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