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Nara n Niagara

The closest that I’ll probably get to a real Yoshitomo Nara piece is at a bar in the East Village- only a thin layer of plastic separates my grubby hands from his handiwork. Niagara used to be THE bar to go to for me and my friends when I was underage. Years later, Brooklyn got boring and I’ve gone back- but now on quiet Mondays instead of the raging weekends. And of course now I’m more into their famously tagged walls- evidence of a a fun night spent at the bar by Yoshitomo Nara in 2009. Nara’s iconic big-eyed kids are scrawled all over the walls, and point out the girls’ and boys’ rooms. Two other colorful classic characters by Kenny Scharf cozy up to customers at the end of the bar. What other dive can you hang with two modern masters’ work, AND get the strongest margarita in the East Village for $5?

Niagara1 Niagara2 Niagara3 Niagara4 Niagara5

Who: Yoshitomo Nara and Kenny Scharf

What: murals

Where: Niagara Bar, 112 Avenue A  New York, NY 10009


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