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Museum at FIT

The museum at my graduate school alma mater may be small, but it packs a punch. The Museum at FIT is not only free, but always has some sort of interesting fashion exhibition going on. Most of the incredible shows spread to the lobby of the Pomerantz Hall across the street, and into the basement of the museum itself, with their epic exhibitions of fragments of their permanent collections, as well as focused shows on shoes, nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch, denim, art influenced fashion and beyond. I love the fashion exhibitions at The Met’s Costume Institute, but since they are few and far between, the little museum at FIT helps me to get my fix here and there.


FITmuseum3 FITmuseum1 FITmuseum

What: The Museum at FIT

Where: 227 W 27th St



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  1. It may be tiny, but the Museum at FIT gets me my costume fix via @artnerdnewyork

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