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Modern Modes of Mimesis : Discussing the End of the Image at Triple Canopy

Artist and Panelist Allyson Vieira's work at Metro Tech

Artist Allyson Vieira’s work at Metro Tech

Tonight Triple Canopy is holding a discussion on art in the age of mechanical–er, digital–reproduction. “The End of the Image” is scheduled for 6:30 pm tonight, Friday 4/10, at 155 Freeman Street in Brooklyn (free for members and $7 for visitors). Law and social conventions surrounding the proliferation of the digital image is an ongoing policy issue in the art world, and Triple Canopy has amassed a panel that will be dissecting issues related to reproduction and circulation of images. Image transmission in an era where such digital exchanges are commonplace creates a new set of conflicts that inherently oppress image generators themselves and open new avenues of copyright-flaunting duplication.


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Triple canopy editor Alexander Provan will steer the discussion with law professor Edward Lee, Art Historian Jennifer L. Roberts, artist-cum-writer-cum-lawyer Sergio Munoz Sarmiento and New York-based artist Allyson Vieira. It should prove for a rowdy and spirited discussion interesting to anyone who wonders how and why art is allowed to be copied, by other artists and/or commercial agents, to create expanded market value. Details on the event can be found at triple canopy’s website.

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