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CREEM– one of the few remaining gorgeous fashion magazines that come in glorious, tactile print (the kind of mag you buy and save) recently interviewed me about what makes Art Nerd tick for their digital site.  So honored- love them!


Art Nerd was born out of obsession and boredom. I’ve always been obsessed with New York history in every facet, reading and watching everything I could from E.B. White’s heavenly essay “Here is New York,” to B movies like “Slaves of New York” (both of these must be experienced if you haven’t already). My other vice was poring through art history text books as sort of a half-assed way to plan vacations (what painting is where?). Eventually it dawned on me to combine these two and create a guide to the art and art history of New York- hopefully saving some nerd like me a lot of time and frustration on finding thorough arty corners of the city. Find out more about Art Nerd

What was the developmental process?

The story is like this. In 2009 I was fired from my gallery job, and being a perfectionist, went into subsequent panic and depression. Remembering my public art classes from grad school, I started an Excel file of places around New York City. I had a lot of time to develop this, and eventually, as my sanity restored, it turned into a really, really ugly tumblr. Lauren Albrecht, who was a year ahead of me in grad school, reached out and offered to design a spiffy new site for me in late 2011. Thus, a beautiful partnership was born.

How has Art Nerd New York changed in the last five years?

It has gone from an insane person’s Excel file to an expansive guide and media entity that I now use as a platform to curate shows, media sponsorships + partnerships, reviews, and basically an extension of me. Most recently, I’ve relinguished some of the control I had on Art Nerd (it IS my baby after all), and have added some esteemed contributors: Liberation Iannillo(who is the new What’s Up contributor), Natalie Trainor from Sharkbiting, Ginger Rudolph from Haha Mag, Artnod’s Lydia Barry Kutko, Monica Salazar from Berlin Art Link and Guns and Butter’s Lynzy Blair.  We have also been picked up my Google’s Field Trip app, so our arty content streams onto your mobile device, popping up when you pass Warhol’s house or a cool sculpture.

How do you feel about gallery openings becoming more and more about partying than about art?

Honestly, I’m not super into openings. They combine things that annoy me: carrying jackets, sweating, pushy people, and ex-boyfriends. I really DO only go if I am looking for the party, its pointless to try to see or review art in an opening setting. That said- they can be a lot of fun.

How do you engage personally with the rich artistic history of New York?

Like a weird flaneur or maven. I read into it, I imagine myself in it, I dream about it. I’m a little weird.

Where in the city inspires you most and why?

My absolute favorite thing is to walk from Brooklyn into the city, traversing from neighborhood to neighborhood. I love walking- I’ll walk from Williamsburg to the Met, taking note to details I hadn’t seen before. It’s my form of therapy. When I’m having a “bad New York day,” these walks make me fall in love with the city again.

What role do you feel you play in relation to art?

I think and hope that I am seen as welcoming arms into the art world. The art world can be stuffy, and that’s fine, but that isn’t the art world I chose to live in. I try to be a person who understands the art market, yet acts as a someone for artists and buyers to run ideas by- knowing they’ll get an honest answer- while being a hell of a lot of fun.

What did you do today?

Like any day, I wrote about 8 articles (it is only 3pm- I have to pay the bills somehow) and am now cutting out early to pack for Mexico then meet Liberation from an early happy hour drink at Pianos!

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