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Max’s Kansas City- Like no other

Its so weird that the weird deli place called Bread & Butter  was once the coolest hang out in New York (or anything on Park Avenue South for that matter). From 1965 to 1981, the deli was known as Max’s Kansas City, the restaurant and nightclub first made popular not by Warhol, but by art star customers like John Chamberlain, Robert Rauschenberg and Larry Rivers. Soon to follow was, basically every artist ever. Bronze square dude Carl Andre, earth artist Robert Smithson, Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, steel beam sculptor Mark di Suvero, feminist crotch-scroller Carolee Schneeman, light artist Dan Flavin, square stacker Donald Judd, Cor-ten sheet sculptor Richard Serra, Ab Exer Willem de Kooning- the place was literally a walking and talking art history book, in real life. NOT to mention Warhol and all his denziens.

maxs1 maxs2

Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Velvet Underground regularly played in the nightclub, and Debbie Harry was a waitress there.(I am leaving out a zillion other interesting characters, like our friend and rocker the beautiful Bebe Buell).


Why the hell wasn’t I born yet? And why the hell isn’t there anything remotely in the same realm today? Next time you buy a coconut water at that deli, REALLY sit and think about what and WHO happened in those walls.

Who: Everyone!

What: Max’s Kansas City

Where: 213 Park Avenue South

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  1. brahmapoutre says:

    great songwriter Tim Buckley smiling was at the right of second picture

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