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Marisol’s Memorial on the Water

French-Venezuelan sculptor  Marisol is more known for her roles in Andy Warhol films and Pop Art sculptures. But the artist was also chosen for her design for the American Merchant Marines Memorial that is partially submerged in the waters in Battery Park. Based on an actual photograph taken by the Nazis of a merchant marine U-Boat hit by Nazi fire, Marisol sketched the piece then rendered it in Bronze for the memorial.


Two of the three bronze figures stand on a stone breaker, one reaching down to a figure half submerged in the water, its patina tarnished with the rising and falling of the tide. The piece was dedicated in 1991.

Marisol Marisol2


Side note: Marisol was so glamorous!


Who: Marisol

What: American Merchant Marines Memorial

Where: Battery Pl, State St and Whitehall St

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  1. Wesly Bessell says:

    This monument means a lot to me. I fished our 3rd Mate out of the water –Caribbean 1942.
    W. Bessell Mariner ’41-’46

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