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Marco Santaniello- Nice To Meet You

Get your Pop Art fix this Thursday with a solo show by our pal Marco Santaniello. Check out this great interview with the artist!


Tazza Gallery is pleased to present “Nice To Meet You,” works by Italian artist Marco Santaniello. Opens November 14th.

Welcome to the world of Marco Santaniello. He describes himself as an international Pop artist and a fashion superstar. For “Nice to Meet You” the artist has created a series of graphic designs exploring themes including celebrity, politics, religion and his beloved New York City. The exhibition is divided in three bodies of works- portraits, NYC scenes and daily life (with satirical content).

Marco’s portraits capture the celebrity of his subjects with ease. They are colorful and glamorous renditions of already iconic faces presented against a rainbow-like mosaic of his design. Each subject is presented as a recognizable image, as it has registered in the public consciousness, but without sacrificing the essence and the humanity behind the celebrity.

The NYC scenes are inspired by the artist’s love for the city. He roams the streets looking for that particular corner or street that in the middle of an ordinary, fast-paced and energized day offers the artist a moment of realization amidst the routine chaos. His street scenes are colorful windows that capture the ordinary and the extraordinary in this iconic city.

The show’s third body of work presents what the artist calls his “satirical content.” In these works the artist explores and exposes his views on religion, art, politics, society, fashion and so much more. They are presented through the lens of irony and some times criticism; they point out the absurdity and superficiality of fanaticism, consumerism and other maladies of modern life.




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