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Lyle Owerko’s Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

I had to share the incredible story of the GIANT anchor piece in our booth at Art on Paper by Lyle Owerko. I love the story of the artist living with the actual eagle hunters in Mongolia as much as the beautiful piece, with eagle as protagonist, itself.


“The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia” / over fifteen years of planning and two years of work deep in the wilds of Northern Mongolia. The project is nearing completion and will be installed in a special location in lower Manhattan. The show opens Sept 9th, 2015 and will feature over two dozen images cultivated from a living adventure with some of worlds last existing nomadic hunter gathers. These people exist in union with both sky and earth hunting with Golden Eagles in a way of life that’s existed since the first millennium BC. The project is the first to feature Eagles as the hero of the paradigm in both representation and as bridge to a higher life order. The Eagle is ruler of the skies, the Eagle is the eyes of manifestation. The Eagle encourages the touch of grandfather sun, to feed of earth and to love the shadow as much as the light. The Eagle encourages one to reach for all that is sought… For more information about the project (and to secure an invite) send an email to: #eaglehunter #mongolia #lyleowerko #art #photo

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