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LOVE Lobster Telephone

Salvador Dali’s Lobster Telephone was a commission for the greatest patron of all time, Edward James, which I’m sure I will blather on about more another time…James had Dali make four working Lobster Phones for his home in the British countryside, Monkton House at West Dean, which James turned into a Surrealist estate. The whole lobster thing was really a metaphor for sex for Dali- he thought the Surrealist object would reveal the secret desires of the unconscious. When James and his guests would answer one of his lobster telephones, Dali would giggle at the idea of talking on a sexual object. For some reason I am so entranced by the Lobster Telephone that I had one tattooed to my arm. Now thats just nerdy.



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  1. isn’t that a Dali?

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