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Logan Hicks X LuvJonez- a Soundtrack for Stencils

LuvJonez created a soundtrack inspired by Logan Hicks’ upcoming Love Never Saved Anything. Its pretty chill, take a listen.


Music Inspired By The Logan Hicks Solo Exhibition “Love Never Saved Anything” Opening March 7, 2014

In the months leading up to the exhibit, I passed along some of my previous instrumental projects to Logan to serve as background music while he worked in the studio and after some thought about creating promotional videos for the project, we talked about creating some instrumental beats with water-related sounds to serve as a backdrop for the videos. This EP is a collection of original music composed for the exhibit that incorporated the sounds of water, waves, tunnels and other found sounds that reflect on the images that served as inspiration during the creation of the work visual art for the show. The instrumentals also function as a soundtrack for the travels and urban exploration that are central to the paintings and stencil work of Logan Hicks.

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