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George Hearts Maria Print Set is back…for a day or two

Back in September, I curated a show based on the love story behind eye miniatures of the late 19th Century, called George Hearts Maria. Essentially, Prince George of Wales fell in love with common and twice divorced Maria Fitzherbert. The two were not allowed to wed, but to proclaim their love for one another, they had a miniature of each others’ eyes painted. (portrait miniatures were quite popular at the time, but just paining eyes allowed the two lovers to remain a secret). They both married other people, but when George died in old age, he was found with Maria’s eye miniature around his neck.

Inspired, I asked 25 artists to make pieces related to this story. We also put out a limited edition mini print set with 1xRun, that was only available for a short time. Well! 1xRun is having an archive sale, so now a few of you can have the chance to scoop it up again!

The set includes 6 prints, in a letter press envelope designed by Beau Stanton. Each is signed and numbered by the artist, and features an image of the piece specially done for the George Hearts Maria show. If you weren’t able to snag the original, now is your chance to get the next best thing. They come in a special letterpress enclosure designed by Beau Stanton. Hoard them all yourself or give some to friends, either way its an inexpensive way to have enough art to decorate an entire room!


Click here to buy the 6 Print set for $75>>>>>>>>>>

Jon Burgerman


Shark Toof


Jean Labourdette/Turf 1


Molly Crabapple


Beau Stanton


Allison Sommers

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