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Leandro Erlich’s Upside Down Installation

Throw back Tuesday to 2012! What a great art trip-


Until an Art Nerd Traveler is in the cards, I’m going to abuse my blog to tell you about shows and stuff I love in other cities! Last week I spent a magical 4 days in Paris. I caught the Gerhard Richter show at Centre Pompidou (I’m sorry…I think I am officially indifferent about his work..), but the real stand out (aside from the pastries, gorgeous architecture and the company) was the Leandro Erlich piece at Le Centquartre. The master of illusion’s latest piece, Bâtiment, is an incredibly fun, interactive piece.

I first noticed the piece when JR posted his visit on Facebook. Lucky for me, because it was absolutely amazing! The piece makes visitors look as if they are hanging, jumping or swinging off of a French apartment building. The illusion is thanks to a giant building replica on the floor, with an equal sized mirror hovering overhead. For 4 euros (well worth it), we played, snapped pics, avoided other visitor’s feet, and posed for an hour. i love experiential art that combines feeling, ideas and fun!

The piece was only supposed to be shown until the end of spring, but has been extended into August, so get there! I highly recommend it.

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