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Keith Haring’s Pool Party

A total contrast from the penis-heavy mural at the LGBT Community center, Keith Haring painted this aqua themed mural in 1987 for the public pool. Classic Haring dudes dance with dolphins, mermen swim about over blue and yellow blobs. (I’d like to think he was keeping it real, and painted in the pee that flows so freely in public pools filled with children.)


The mural was restored in 1997 by the Haring Foundation, and could use another quick painting sometime soon.  You can get a look when walking by through the fence, but don’t linger too long or you’ll look like a creep spying on children.


Who: Keith Haring

What: Carmine Street Swimming Pool Mural

Where: 1 Clarkson Street, 10014

2 Responses to “Keith Haring’s Pool Party”
  1. No Penises, but I detect the presence of pee..Keith Haring’s Pool Party via @artnerdnewyork

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