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Katz Deli Gets Into the Art Game

Katz Deli is a New York institution- one of the only constants that will likely remain on the Lower East Side even after it turns into a luxury mall. It may seem a little weird at first, but Katz is now joining in on the gallery game, with a pop-up show at “The Space” that will commemorate its 125th birthday. But then again, who knows the Lower East Side better than them? We wonder if the exhibition will take sandwich artist to a new level…


As a continued part of our 125th Anniversary celebration, Katz’s Delicatessen is proud to introduce The Space, a pop-up gallery and apparel shop. Every month we will introduce new collections by talented artists and designers who will fill the location with deli-inspired pieces. In this way, The Space will serve as a tribute not only to the restaurant’s on-going connection to the neighborhood, but also to the people who live, work, and create art in all its forms right here on the Lower East Side.

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