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June #MidnightMoment- Richard Garet’s Perceptual: Sonic Landscape / Midnight Blink

New month, new #MidnightMoment in Times Square! June is all about sounds- translated by artist Richard Garet into lurid colors.


Perceptual: Sonic Landscape / Midnight Blink

June 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015

Richard Garet

Times Square Advertising Coalition

Artist Richard Garet’s Perceptual: Sonic Landscape / Midnight Blink is an abstract visualization of sounds captured in Times Square across a multi-day period.

Perceptual: Sonic Landscape / Midnight Blink transforms the frenzied sounds of Times Square into a lush, luminescent visual representation. Garet has left no audio in the piece, only a moving image signal that takes the viewer on an optical journey through the neighborhood’s soundscape.

On June 5, Garet will lead a ‘Sound Walk’ through Times Square to the key locations from his recording sessions, sharing his most striking sonic experiences with participants. The walk will culminate with a viewing of the Midnight Moment at 11:57 pm on Times Square’s Broadway Plazas.

“In my processes establishing the material is key, and from there it becomes a reductive process where a vast number of possibilities and outcomes are explored until the work reaches proper momentum, purpose, and significance. Moreover, objectifying the ordinary and reinventing the character of found mundane things in life is very interesting to me.” -Richard Garet


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