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Jud Bergeron on PMc

I recently interviewed artist Jud Bergeron for Patrick McMullan Magazine- tis a good read! Here’s a little preview- read more here.


I first fell in love with Jud Bergeron’s work when he was making Cubist-like sculptures. They at once reminded me of Boccioni, Picasso, and Giacometti–not as a copycat, but as an addition to their school of thought. I loved their multifaceted, kaleidoscopic surfaces, but also that they came in candy colors like baby blue which, to me, anchored them in modernity. They felt like a fine art play on the popular world of vinyl toys.

Bergeron’s most recent project, Quack Quack, is an explosion of bronze ducks–a literal difference from his fragmented pieces, but still alluring. As part of an upcoming show in November at Mark Wolfe Contemporary in San Francisco, Bergeron looked to crowd-funding to raise the money needed to cast an exorbi

ant amount of bronze ducks. Whether it was his excellent video or the idea of the tactile pleasure of holding their very own bronze duck, the public responded–quickly–and the project was funded in just a few days.

Kickstarter success aside, Bergeron’s work is deeply personal. His range in style, which seems to evolve each time he begins a new body of work, is directly related to events in his life. Many artists have a hard time of letting this happen, and letting inspiration change their work naturally. I’ve seen many artists get stuck in the one-trick pony type of careers, making paintings of apples over and over, because paintings of apples sell well (or so their gallerist says). They become afraid to move on because they are afraid to either explore themselves or piss off their gallery. That’s what impresses me so much about Bergeron; he is a visceral artist who plays by his own rules while translating his life into evocative sculpture.

Patrons can still get in on the Quack Quack action. Bergeron will launch another Kickstarter for a sculpture called “My Pal Foot Foot” in the coming weeks.

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