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JR’s Les Bosquets with New York City Ballet

We loved the New York City Ballet‘s collaboration with JR earlier this year- and so did they. The NYCB has asked JR to choreograph a series of dances, which will star the amazing Lil Buck (he moves like liquid. Really mesmerizing, smooth liquid….). The shows are just $29 and kick off today until May 4!


On April 29th, 2014, JR will present the Premiere of “Les Bosquets”, the ballet he created in collaboration with New York City Ballet, with original music by Woodkid, and guest dancer Lil Buck. JR’s debut as a choreographer will involve 42 dancers on stage. Les Bosquets is inspired by JR’s first art project, Portrait of a Generation, and by the riots that happened in France in 2005.

Six nights, at the David H Koch theater at Lincoln Center, from April 29th to May 4th.

Tickets and information available here.

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