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Jenny Holzer Loves New York

The gorgeous glass lobby of 7 World Trade Center may have been designed by James Carpenter, but the real draw is the giant LED installation by Jenny Holzer. The collaboration is an oversized piece- stretching 65 feet by 14 feet high behind the front desk. Across the screen, Holzer chose poems and prose that illustrate New York’s amazing history (what a perfect art nerd piece!). Lines by Elizabeth Bishop, Allen Ginsberg, Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman drift across the giant screen in five feet letters, taking a full 36 hours to watch/read in its entirety.

Image ©PBS

Image ©PBS

The glowing piece is viewable from the adjacent park, making the installation accessible to the public, even though it is stationed inside a corporate lobby.


Who: Jenny Holzer

What: “For 7 World Trade”

Where: 7 World Trade Center 10048


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  1. an art nerd’s dream- Jenny Holzer’s LED installation of poems and prose about NYC @ArtNerdNewYork #nyc

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  5. Pam Avoledo says:

    It’s a wonderful way to make poetry accessible to people. It shows that poetry doesn’t have to wordy and hard to interpret. Although I think I’d stand there for awhile and forget where I was supposed to go.

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