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Jakob Dwight at Hotel Particulier

Another wonderful event at the wonderful Hotel Particulier that engages visitors and goes beyond getting drunk at an art opening. Inspire!


Visions of a New World

Hotel Particulier is delighted to welcome as part of our show PLAY.GROUND.BREAK, digital artist Jakob Dwight who will present his project N’CHI, a gesture of futurist or speculative anthropology that will allow users 1.) to become nation-holders on a fictitious planet, 2.) to control their nation online and trade with one another using an energy-based currency, and then 3.) to select and commission artists from the N’CHI network to help them imagine, develop and perform the cultural forms of their nations – ie: marriage or funerary rites, national anthems, flags – at select art events. In this way N’CHI will obscure the lines between digital, imaginative and lived experience and will allow participants and observers alike to explore the relationships between art, cultural evolution, ethics and ecology through play and collective mythopoesis.

Please join us on Thursday, Dec 19 and Friday, Dec 20 to explore N’CHI with the artist: Sign-up to play, become a citizen, or design a nation. An auction of the first lands available is scheduled for early next year at Hotel Particulier.

Jakob LeBaron Dwight (born 1977, Mobile, Alabama) is a painter, media and light artist. His work has been exhibited internationally in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin, Atlanta, Vienna, New York, Switzerland – at the European Graduate School – and in Kassel, represented by Kreuzberg Pavilllon on the occasion of dOCUMENTA(13). In 2011 he was awarded a United States Artists Residency and in 2012 the Harvestworks New Works Residency in NYC. The artist is slated to bring his project N’CHI: Visions of a New World to Seattle Art Museum in 2015.



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