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Ivan Argote’s Strengthelessness Snakes Across The Standard Plaza

Welcoming Frieze week guests, The Standard HighLine is flanking their Plaza with a massive new sculptural installation by Ivan Argote for the summer season. In their partnership with blue chippers Galerie Perrotin, Argote’s “Strengthlessness” will be officially unveiled tomorrow for Frieze.

The sculpture, a giant obelisk which curves and bends over the plaza, is a take on the Egyptian Obelisk, clad in concrete and gold and stretching 12 feet tall and 30 feet long. The piece has more of a historical thread than The Standard’s tendency to gravitate toward Modern, colorful Pop pieces (not that I am complaining about either), stirring up influences of ancient mythology, gods and goddesses. I love the narratives and juxtaposition that “Strengthlessness” conjures, a seemingly historic relic that has appeared in the modern metropolis, altered and bent as if distorted through the dimensions of time.

“Strengthlessness” is totally free to visit, contemplate and of course photograph.

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